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The PODXS 070 club has several challenging and interesting Endorsements for its members to pursue. The excitement surrounding the 366 Award is understandable. But, bottom line, it only requires 366 QSOs. Admittedly, they do need to be on specific dates.

But how about an endorsement that requires 2,246 very specific call signs?

By making on-the-air PSK31 QSOs and "spelling" out various Country Names, States, Provinces and Territories, our Members can work through 9 different awards to be proudly displayed.

Specifically, you need to collect specific call sign “Suffix Letters”. The Suffix Letter is the first letter after the last number in a callsign. Examples: W9SMR = “S”,
2EØJCA = “J”, 4Z4DX = “D”.

There are 9 separate, ordered, endorsements for the WTW Award Series. They are:

1. Spell All South American Countries
2. Spell All Australian States
3. Spell All Oceania Countries
4. Spell All Canadian Provinces
5. Spell All North American Countries
6. Spell All European Countries
7. Spell All Asian Countries
8. Spell All United States
9. Spell All African Countries

For the specific rules for the Work The World endorsement, check out:  Work The World Awards

It is a tough Endorsement to get, but, talk about getting close, Lee, N5SLY, is 6 call signs short of the needed 2,246.
Lee recently uploaded his log containing 27,086 QSOs on December 31, and he still needs 6 more.

He specifically needs 4 “I’s” and 2 “N’s” to bring it home. If your call is “suffix” is an “I” or “N”, and you have not worked Lee before, he would sincerely appreciate a call.

So if you are looking for a real challenge, give the Work The World endorsement a try.

See you on the waterfall.


W9SMR - 070  #1611
PODXS 070 - PR Director

Rich Potts

I think Lee got an N from me last year.

AC8NM Rich

stan robinson

That is fabulous!!

The suspense builds. Just one "N" and 4 "I's" away from the toughest Endorsement we have.

Go Lee!!

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I think Lee got an N from me last year.

AC8NM Rich