Was great Jay!

John van Eijndt KC0DEB

Hi Jay,

What da ya know? RTTY-ing huh? Hihi I was doing the same thing, just playing around with some software I had downloaded a while back, when I did see your call come by on the screen....N3DQU on RTTY? Testing?
I just had to say hi, and by doing so, made my 1st QSO attempt on RTTY. Didn't go too bad, did it? Was a bit shaky, but that happens during all 1st times I heard..hihi TNX fer 1st time QSO, Jay!
I will have to spend some more time playing with this software to feel more comfortable, Like you said, Digipan has spoiled me rotten....
If there is anyone who has experience working with MMRTTY,and can hand out some tips, it would be greatly appreciated...I am just wandering off into Soundcard based software world, .......
See you all in the Rumble Folks! Beware of the DOG(s), fellas!
Have fun es GL to you all ! 73 de John KC0DEB

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