Trine State Rec Area APE Question

Rick - N7WE

Stan & Bob-
Will you guys have internet access and be able to post which bands you are on?  Hoping to work you on multiple bands!
Rick - N7WE
070 - #1602


Rick - 
The cabin we're using is somewhat primitive - i.e. no TV or internet, however we plan to do our best to try to keep everyone informed.  Our plan is to set up a cell phone hot spot for internet - if that doesn't work, we will try updating to the forum directly from the cell phone - and if that doesn't work, we will periodically go over to the ranger station (which we are told does have internet service) and post updates - if all else fails, we'll rely on club members to post spots on the forum.  We will be running two bands at a time, and are open for requests from certificate hunters to try for a quick QSO on another band.  We're looking forward to working lots of PSKers!!

Bob - KC9UR
070 - #1620