Thanks from #2720

Tom Means

Thanks to all for welcoming me to the club.  While I am not new to ham radio I am fairly new to digital modes so looking forward to making many contacts with you. I will be on the upcoming PSKFEST, at least for part of Saturday. 

It sounds like you have been reviewing your membership requirements and for what it is worth here are my two cents worth, from a new member perspective.

 I have joined and remained a member of several other groups over the years, OMISS, CCN, 10-10 etc.  They all have either no or a nominal fee to join, so I think your no charge to join is fine. A few of these clubs DO have annual fees to keep things going however, so maybe something to consider down the line.

As for the number of contacts required to join:

OMISS requires 2 contacts with OMISS members
CCN requires 100 "points" which can be a combination of calls, states, etc.
10-10 requires 10 contacts with members

While 50 contacts to join this group does not seem to be that many to those already into PSK mode, it probably does eliminate some potential members from joining.  I know that I was on quite a few hours for a couple days prior to joining as was only able to generate 28 contacts.  Fortunately I had logged some other PSK contacts a few years ago when I was researching PSK, so was able to qualify to join.  It would seem to me that 10 contacts would be reasonable and may increase the interest in the club. 

Finally,  I don't know if you have ever thought about doing some nets.  These are very popular and all of them use NetLogger which makes  it easy to follow activities, make contacts etc.  I know that CCN runs some PSK nets.  I realize these require net controllers so maybe way early to consider trying that route but an idea.

Anyway,  glad I found this club and looking forward to many contacts this weekend.