TDW and stuff


Just wanted to let everybody know that all of the TDW certificates are
finally in the mail whew! Thanks to all who waited patiently for their
endorsements and upgrades while we dealt with the extra workload, and thanks
to all the 070 participants who made our very first on-the-air event a great
success. Here's to next year's TDW!

BTW, you should know that we are planning another contest, tentatively
scheduled for this coming January. While the rules are still more or less in
the works, it is pretty much a sure thing that it is going to be your
standard, 24 hour PSK contest with power classes, etc. But unlike the TDW,
the January contest is going to be open to everyone, not just to 070 Club
members. So it will be interesting to see how much activity we can scare up
outside our group. We have also added a little wrinkle for the QRPer's in
this one, with power class entries for QRP single-band and QRP multi-band.
Hopefully this will give the kitbashers out there a better chance to show off
what they can do with their monoband rigs!

If you have an itch for contesting however, you do not have to wait for
January to scratch it! QRP-ARCI is hosting an End of Summer Sprint in
September, the TARA Rumble Fall Classic is scheduled for October, and the
first annual Anatolian AKA PSK contest is up for November (endorsement in the
works). Links for all of these contests can be found on the 070 Club webpage
at < >.

One final reminder that the Latvian Radio Amateur League is celebrating
the 800th anniversary of Riga, the capital city of Latvia by offering a
certificate for working YL800 stations from 01 July 2001 until 30 September
2001. I have also been working with Andris YL2FD to come up with an
endorsement for working YL800 PSK31 stations. Although the endorsement
requirements and graphics are still in the works, my best advice to you is to
work any YL800 stations you hear on PSK, then standby for further info on the
endorsement...73 de Jay N3DQU.