ON4CAS / N1TOI <egbert.hertsen@...>

Dear PODXS070 gang,

Would like to thank all of you for the contacts made during the TDW test.
Happy to work some 31 different members. All QSOs will be confirmed via the

73 de Egbert
UBA Award Manager

Steve W3HF

Dear 070ers,

I also had a great time working 20 of you. Thanks to all who made
the effort to hear my QRP 20m signal.

High Points:

1. Working both Ozkan and Ismail, TA7I and TA9J, my first QSOs
to Turkey! (Thanks, guys.)

2. All the other neat DX to Europe, DL2RR, DL2AYL, LZ4BU,

3. Meeting a bunch of 070ers I've never worked before.

Low points:

1. Never even HEARING any of the PODXS guys. Heard a lot of
you others working them, but I was too close to them (here in
Pennsylvania) to get them on 20m.

2. Never hearing anyone in the 1st, 2nd, or 8th US call districts,
either. (This was also true during the TARA PSK Rumble.)

3. Not having anyone from Delaware, New Hampshire, or Wyoming
in the club. (Those are the three states I still need for Lower 48.)

4. Not being able to get any operating time at all on Sunday due to
family commitments.

All DX contacts will be QSLed, either via bureau or direct (with SAE
and return postage if I still need your country). All US QSOs will be
QSLed on request. (Email requests are fine.)

Thanks again to all of you for participating. And a special thanks to
the PODXS for organizing the contest.


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Dieter, DL2RR <dl2rr@...>

Hello 070ers,
here is a short summary of this weekend:

it was a nice however laborious TDW although all the bad conditions, but the
bad weather supports this enterprise. After an excellent start on Friday
morning unfortunately I had to go to QRL for all the day. Only in the night
I met some contesters on 40&80 meters.

Saturday was a disaster. Except Zoli, YO5CRQ, I didn't get any 070er all the
day, although some were heard both on 20m and on 40m too. Thus I played SWL,
hi. 15m was open, but not into the direction, where the 070 members were.
That had also a positive side effect: due to observe the band I got 5 new
countries in PSK31, hi. My new simple monoband LOOP for 15m supplied good

Sunday resembled Saturday, but in the early morning I tried 7070 MHz with
success over the pond.
At night I met Ozkan, TA7I, on 40m straight before going QRT. We tried 15m,
but without success. I achieved here nevertheless still a few 070er. The
band was open for short time and Nandos signal was magnificently in the
middle in it.

my result: 23 * 29 + 400 = 1067

cuagn & cul to all members, 73's de Dieter - DL2RR