There are some of you that have recently asked 'where' or 'why' the
certificates for the spring TARA PSK Rumble haven't been sent out as of yet.
This is a very good question at that, seeing how the contest ended in April!
And, the answer is rather simple, I've taken a vacation. The certificates and
hats to those that earned them have been held up because I've taken a few
months off from all this stuff this summer. I'm deeply sorry that they are
late in getting out, but let me reassure you that "everyone" that is entitled
to one--will receive them and hopefully soon!

Please understand that many of you have been writing to Ernie Mills, WM2U,
with hopes of finding out the answer to this whereabouts of the
certificates/hats. Ernie has absolutely NOTHING to do with the certificates
or hats being mailed out. In fact, if Ernie was the man handling this, they
most likely would have been in the mail within 24 hours after the final
deadline. Yes, my buddy Ernie is unbelievably efficient and very well
organized. Just the opposite of myself! Please DO NOT hold Ernie responsible
for such a long delay with the goodies, it falls clearly on my lap!

Please stay tuned and we'll let you know just as soon as they are ready to be
mailed. Oh, by the way, if anyone is interested I had a FANTASTIC summer!

Thanks For Your Patience!
NY2U "Mr.Bill"