Results - Three Day Weekend TDW 2022

stan W9SMR

We had a great turnout for the Three Day Weekend TDW 2022 with  99 logs submitted. Of these, 18 were at the time non-members. Following the Contest, one of them has joined us. See below.

There were 20 logs in the High Power 100W Category. In 1st place was Bonus Station, Steve, VA3TPS with 244 QSOs and 25,924 points. 2nd place was Bonus Station, Minor, TI2YO with 205 QSOs and 19,725 points. Good to see a DX station in the chase. In 3rd place was Bonus Station, Darin, NY7H with 204 QSOs and 18,828 points. You may remember Darin better as KO4EJD of Yuma, AZ,

In the Medium Power 50W Category with 49 logs uploaded, 1st place and TOP DAWG went to Bonus Station,  John, KC3FL with an astounding 308 QSOs and 34,840 points. John finished in 1st place in medium power in the last 2 year’s TDW. In 2nd place was Bonus Station, Buz, WA5AMM with 249 QSOs and 25,906 points. In 3rd place was Bonus Station Terry, K3JT with 220 QSOs and 22,840 points.

In the Low Power 25W Category, with 22 logs, 1st place  went to stalwart early member #25 Steve, W3HF with 212 QSOs and 21,968 points. Steve finished in 1st place Low Power last year. In 2nd place was N8FL with 153 QSOs and 14,799 points. In 3rd place this year was Tom, KE8QYK with 121 QSOs and 8,418 points.

The QRP 5W Category had 8 entries. In 1st place this year was Eric, K9VIC with 152 QSOs and 13,436 points. Very IMPRESSIVE results with Flea-Power! In 2nd place was Jonathan, KI4WVW with 70 QSOs and 4,580 points. In 3rd place was Steve, VA3FLF with 68 QSOs and 4,428 points. Steve finished in 1st place QRP last year

Here are the top 3 finishers in each category:

Our heartiest appreciation to the Bonus Stations who dedicated many, many hours to ensuring that contestants had a chance for that significant 100 point bonus!

A big Thank you to the 18 non-members participating and submitting their logs. We will be looking for you. We hope to see you as members soon:

New members joining us following their participation in TDW:

#2930  Lori, KO4YIN,  Sun Prairie, WI

Welcome Lori and good to see you again in a Contest.

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A very BIG THANK YOU to David, K9DWR for your awesome efforts to again create the upload link and parse the results.

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