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This year there were 44 logs submitted - up from last year’s 31 logs. There were 13 High Power, 15 Medium Power, 14 Low Power and 2 QRP logs.

Top Dawg and First place in High Power was Bob, KF3AA of Huntingtown, MD, with 36 QSOs, 17 States and 684 points. Bob upped his game this year, having finished in 3rd place last year. With this win, he moves from 9th to 7th place in the RC3 Championship.

High Power – Second Place was grabbed by Lee, N5SLY of Sherman, TX with 442 points.  Lee currently holds 1st place in the RC3 competition. And Third Place went to Darl, NA8W of Findlay, OH with 432 points.

Medium Power - First place was John, KC3FL of Inverness, FL with 32 QSOs, 16 States and 544 points. John currently holds 2nd place in the RC3 competition.

Medium Power
- Second Place was Curt, K3URT of Harrisburg, PA with 384 points.  Third place - Medium Power was Bob, K8RGI of Independence, OH, with 345 points.

Low Power First Place, Steve, W3HF, of Collegeville, PA with 36 QSO’s, 16 States and 648 points. Steve moves from 4th to 3rd place in the RC3 competition.

Low Power - Second Place, Mark, K2EXE of Skaneateles, NY had 378 points. Third Place,Dave, KB3RAN (APE Coordinator), of Lusby, MD had 252 points.


First Place
was Peter, NN9K of Colona, IL with 17 QSO’s, 13 States and 255 points.  2nd Place was Rick, N7WE of Leesburg, FL with 15 QSO’s, 9 States and 150 points.  Their performance with less than 5 watts under present propagation conditions on noisy 80M was outstanding.

We again are deeply indebted to David, K9DWR, who established the upload link and parsed the contest results. Thank You, David!

The new “All Amateurs Welcome” policy continues to enhance our overall experience. We had 5 non-members submit logs. A special welcome to Steve, AA8SW of Cincinnati, OH; Justin, AB3E of Baltimore, MD; Harold, K7HPN of Phoenix, AZ; Carter, N3AO, of Blacksburg, VA.; and Art, NN9C of  Waukesha, WI. We hope to see them as new members soon. If you see them on the air, please welcome them and thank them for their participation. Note that the Top Dawg Certificate and Rollo Dog Tag will be reserved exclusively for members.

Thanks to all who submitted logs.  Stickers will be in the next mailing.  Complete results are available by clicking 80M Sprint - Full Log Results

And it is not too early to start thinking about your participation in the next PODXS 070 Event. Check your long-wire or make a plan for a temporary stealth antenna if your HOA seems to be dead set against any wires outside.
This is a great opportunity to put some 160m Q’s in the log for the Top Band Endorsement.




Saturday October 10 to Sunday October 11

See Rules at:

 160m Great Pumpkin Sprint - Rules

W9SMR - 070  #1611
PODXS 070 - PR Director