Date: 8/20/2001 4:56:15 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: ny2u@n2ty.org
Reply-to: psk-tara@yahoogroups.com
To: psk-tara@yahoogroups.com, tara-n2ty@yahoogroups.com

Greetings All:

I told you yesterday that today I'd officially announce the "NEW & IMPROVED"
6th TARA PSK RUMBLE "The Fall Classic". As I mentioned Ernie Mills, WM2U,
TARA's Head PSK Guru, has taken a few aspects of the Rumble and turned up the
heat, making it more competitive! Please take the time and read the revised
rules that I've included below. If you see any errors or corrections that
need to be addressed, please send them along to: ny2u@n2ty.org or

Once you've read the rules, I think you'll have a better understanding what
really makes my buddy Ernie Mills tick! He's been racking his brains out all
summer thinking how can we improve the "Club Challenge" & "SWL" portion of
the Rumble and by gosh, I personally think he's addressed it perfectly! This
guy is never going to be a card carrying member of the "Neanderthal Hams"
will he? I'd like to hear from you on what your opinion is.

Next, we need to get things stirred up a bit for the next TARA Rumble. Yep,
everyone is still in their comfortable "Summer Mode" and we need to break
that spell! I'm talking about getting the gang ready for a "Winner Takes All"
type of attitude! I must admit it's going to take some fine tuning and
conditioning to get a few of you away from the swimming pools, and to forget
that dreaded yard work. We need you on-the-air stirring things up, drawing
the battle lines! We need to assemble our teams and select our leaders that
are going to lead us in to this Rumble! Ah...most of all we got to remember
to enjoy the Rumble, and have lots FUN!!

Myself, I'd like to see a couple of teams spring up from this news group. I
know for fact that there will be at least one TARA team ready to announce its
name this week. This team will not only be representing the TARA Club but
also the TARA PSK New Group. I wonder if any of the other news
groups/reflectors would accept a challenge from the #1 PSK News Group. I've
heard rumors those guys from the "PODXS 070 Club" are looking to get a
thrashing from the hands of TARA! Heck, there is enough room so we can gain
those "500 Whip em" points, so just sign up if you want to get your butt
kicked! Do I hear any challenges???

*** SPECIAL NOTE: All of the contest talk included in this message and on the
TARA PSK News Group is nothing more than just having FUN! Please DO NOT take
these words as being serious in nature! Please DO NOT get your nose out of
joint over nothing more than having some good old fashion FUN! If you like
having FUN, dip your oars in the water and join the verbal assult!***

For a complete look at the rules for the 6th TARA PSK Rumble go to
http://www.qsl.net/wm2u/rumble.html or simply <A
HREF="http://www.qsl.net/wm2u/rumble.html">CLICK HERE</A>

The New Club Challenge:
Each team to select a Gaffer, a team leader, whose responsibility it is to
correlate the team members scores, dupe the Multipliers, submit the Teams
information to TARA via the OnLine Score Submission Form, and to make sure
TARA post em! correctly. Each team member is also encouraged to submit a
single/single entry.
Each team is allowed up to 5 members, and can be comprised of mixed category
operators. Super, Great or Normal, each picking up their respective category
Power Multipliers.
Team members are responsible for sending the Gaffer their QSO count and
multiplier list. The Gaffer then applies a Power Multiplier to the individual
scores. For any member operating GREAT category, multiply the number of QSO's
by 2, and for the SUPER category multiply by 3. Then add all the QSO's
together without duping em! and enter this figure in the Total Number of QSO's
box on the Score Submission Form. The multipliers however, are a different
kettle of fish. The amalgamated Multipliers MUST be duped. Remember
multipliers count per band. Now enter these figures in the multiplier table
provided on the Score Form, add Soap comments if you want, then click on
SEND. Don't forget the Form will calculate the final score. Please remember
to select Team Challenge as Operating Category and to enter the name of your
team in the Call Sign box.
Members can be spread geographically. The smart Gaffer will probably select a
DX diversified team to enhance the teams multipliers..
Each team must declare its name or ID and each of its members names and
callsigns, at least 24 hours before contest kickoff. These will then be
posted on the Results web page along with the teams other declarations.
The team Gaffer can throw a challenge to another team indicating that they
will whip em! Royally in the contest. If accepted by the other team, this
challenge will be posted in the team's declaration on the Results web page.
The winning team will add 100 points to its total and the loosing team
subtracts100 points. A maximum of 5 teams can be challenged by a single team
for a total of +/- 500 whip em! points on the final score.
Since the Teams total scores are important for applying the challenge bonus
points to the Grand Totals, I ask the Gaffers to make sure the members submit
there scores a.s.a.p. This score correction will be applied by TARA from the
data submitted.
To keep things focused please keep all the contest banter on either the 070
PSK reflector,
subscribe at; http://groups.yahoo.com/group/070 or the TARA PSK reflector,
subscribe at,
http://groups.yahoo.com/group/psk-tara or send an e-mail to
psk-tara-subscribe@yahoogroups.com and put the following in the BODY of the
subscribe psk-tara your e-mail address.
Any score submission received that indicates Team Challenge Category but the
member does not appear on the teams declaration, will not be included with
the Team, and will be entered as a check log.
Teams can find their relevant declarations and member list posted on the
Results web page at http://www.qsl.net/wm2u/results.html
Good luck !