Psk Reporter and spotrting


Stan's message on Endorsement Daze mentions spotting stations on Psk Reporter which is a great aid to see activity on a band.  I'm not sure if other software has to be setup to spot stations, but I do know Fldigi requires it to be configured to achieve spotting.  If you are using Fldigi and haven't set it up, it's very simple to do.
Under configuration, Misc. check all boxes except the one that says "Disable spotting when signal browser(s) are not visible"  On the main screen you have to check the "Spot" box at the upper right.  After doing that, every time you start up Fldigi or change band, you will show up on the map as being on the air as a spotting station on that band.  You will also be able to download from Psk Reporter a log of all the stations you spotted during the past week.
Very important, Psk Reporter looks for the DE then a call sign two times before it spots you so use your call two times in your macros to improve your spots.


Don - KM4UDX

John -- excellent guidance! Thank you.
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