PSK in Dover, DE this weekend.

Steve WB3LGC


I am putting my finishing touches on my Scout Campmaster weekend at Camp Akridge on Dover, Delaware FM29fd. 

Our main function is to check-in the Troops, be there "in case" issues, and check-out on Sunday - SO, I should have time to play RADIO.  I plan on a simple 1/2 wave end-fed wire on 20m for the contest.  I hope to be on PSK 14.070 on Friday night to give out DE QSO's.  I will have email as our building has internet, if needed. 

Saturday (day), I also hope to be on 10m with a two element beam, providing I get the USPS package from BuddiPole tomorrow (scheduled) as Friday may be too late (I expect to leave before the postman hits my house and USPS daily service is poor).  Otherwise, I will be on 10m with a rotatable dipole.  On 10m I will be PSK31 and FT8.

I will be QRP with up to 10 watts (contest QRP = 5 watts).  I will be using NR3I. 

I hope all goes well.  I have had issues trying to setup a station at Akridge.  Many reasons, cold, wind, rain, trees (few), building access (cables)...  I hope, at least,  with warmer weather and with all the BuddiPole parts I have that I can make it work.  I will be checking into the DE Traffic Net Friday and Saturday via IC-706mkIIg mobile with 100w and I "plan" on checking into ECARS during the drive to Dover on Friday. 

73, steve WB3LGC

        ​ NR3I #2878
        ​ WB3LGC #2814