Paula - Band stacking registers on Icom's


Paula, you are absolutely correct on the band stacking registers on the Icom radio's. 
Not only do you store the frequency, but also he details of your settings for that particular register.
What it actually stores are the settings that you were using when you left that register, or particular band. If you go back to a register, and change something, it will display the changed setting the next time you go there. I believe that if you want to create a "default register setting", you'll want to use an SD card for that. I've not done that, with my Icom IC-7800, so I'm open to correction. I use the IC-7800 primarily for cw.
Exploring a new radio is a real hoot.

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Jerry, sorry to hear of your disappointment with the new 7300. I just got one a couple of weeks ago, and my first amp too. Hope you get your replacement quickly. Then you, me, and Geary can all compare notes and share tips.

Geary, I haven’t tried this yet, but I think you can use the band stacking registers to store three different sets of mode configurations for each band. So we can have one for digital, one for phone and one for CW, for instance, on each band. I think it might store power levels too. But don’t quote me on that! I’m just a beginner here with this new rig.

Paula K7PAX

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Bummer!  That is a great radio.  I got mine about five months ago and am still learning it.  I watched about four hours of videos today from smoked ham radio or something like that trying to figure out how to go between digital and voice without having to reset everything.  But since 99% of what I do is PSK, once I get it to PSK again it’s staying there !  Hi hi I think you will love that radio Jerry when you get one that works. 
Look forward to our 7300s chatting soon!
73, Geary KE5IRK

On Fri, Dec 18, 2020 at 10:19 AM Jerry N9AVY <n9avy@...> wrote:
Murphy struck !

Read the manual before powering up and looked at a couple videos as well.  So connected power from RS-35M and antenna.   Nada . Checked power to radio and it was all the way from power supply to connector on IC7300.  Called store today and they're sending a call tag so I can ship it bad.

Guess it was DOA from store.  We'll see what happens from here....

Jerry  n9avy
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