Noises ..

Jerry N9AVY

Seems like a lot of hams never read the rules.  Today I get back from shopping and hear a "whistler" on 14070 !  That's the kind of crap DXers have to put up with in DX pileups.  Band was open to Sicily so the "whistler" could have been anywhere.  But was also hearing audio (digital audio ???), not only on 14070, but also in Spanish on 7070. Looks like these frequencies are becoming a garbage dump for stations testing other modes. 

When I was an Official Observer a few years back I saw a lot of this deliberate QRM on PSK frequencies, Can only imagine it will get worse as Cycle 25 improves. 

It was nice to see that post I forwarded this morning from Feld Hel Club (FHC).  They've been pushed off frequencies by the FT group and know that some sort of band plan is needed. Meanwhle, in other areas  se a lot of "newbies" whining about when FCC is going to give them HF fone frequencies - sheesh !
<rant off>

Jerry  n9avy