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Hello All,
Well the first Three Day Weekend is over. I think everyone did an excellent
job, no matter how many or how few QSO's or points you made. I want to say a
special thank you to all of you who took the time to explain the 070 Club to
nonmembers. If you jotted down their call, don't be surprised if they're one
of the stations we're looking for in the next contest. Thanks to Erika for
making me see all those faint traces from your side of the pond. If it
hadn't been for you, I probably would not have seen them. Sorry for getting
Andris started, I only came on frequency to tell you where N3XC was. Curtis,
I told the 070 police about that "problem." You gotta ask KA3X or N3DQU
about that one. So much for the soapbox. Gotta go catch up on things I let
go to work the contest.

73 to all, can't wait for the next one.
de AA8QQ

PS - Good job Jay & Jay