New Rig and setup

Chris J LaRue NO7E

Hello all,
I have been away for a while due to getting training for using my cane and getting a guide dog.  I will be participating in the contest starting this evening, I think my settings are ok I am not getting any ALC on my 7610 when transmitting.  I have gone 3 for 3 in the 366 this year so far a new record for me, usually, the wife or an issue with my eyes keeps me out a few days away from the computer. 

If anyone sees me and my trace looks bad please let me know so I can adjust it.  You can email or send me a message here I do not want you to mess up your rhythm while contesting. :)  I am still getting used to FLDIGI and the waterfall on it and the level meter on the right side does not move much even with a 100% solid copy signal, I switched to FLDIGI because I am tired of DM780 constantly crashing.  

Good Luck and have fun all!!
73 de Chris NO7E