MixW 2.0


Hi Erika/DL2AYL
Thanks for the prompt reply as to information about the subject software program.
As I said I am interested in using any aid which will improve working DX.
I am just a little confused about what you mean by this sentence: "The problem with the vanity calls can't be solved by any program, but as I said the MixW can be combined with the call book CD and if the guy has an entry you'll make out the right direction."  Just what do you mean by "entry?"  If the call book CD gives the operator's FCC call sign (vanity or otherwise) containing a region number other than his/her actual QTH, how will the call book CD correct that?"
Of course you are right, that in most cases, the operator just beams in the general direction of a desired DX source.  I am just trying to understand how the software works in theory.
Thanks much,
73 Onis K5COX 
73 Onis K5COX


Ok, I meant that if you read the operators qth and state you certainly will know
in which direction you'll have to turn the beam. For the dx outside the USA the
program shows the correct direction anyway.
73's Erika/DL2AYL