MixW 2.0



I am always interested in any process that increases the chance for a DX
contact and thanks for giving out some information on your software

But what happens with MixW 2.0 if the operator is operating at an offsite
location different from his callsign QTH? Also, in the US, with the many
vanity callsigns, often the operator's actual QTH may different from the
region on the callsign? There has been some criticism of the Vanity
program because of this. In these cases, the subject software program
or any other software program controlling on the just the callsign would
misdirect the operator's aiming wouldn't it?

73 Onis K5COX


Hi Onis,
If you are working from a different qth you can put in your new coordinates and
the program will show you the appropriate directions.
The problem with the vanity calls can't be solved by any program, but as I said
the MixW can be combined with the call book CD and if the guy has an entry
you'll make out the right direction. Anyway my experience is, it doesn't matter
too much if your beam is 5 or 10 degree off the right position.
In Germany for instance the number in the call doesn't give any hint from where
the station is operating.
73's Erika/DL2AYL