LONP for members with numbers >2786

Jim K5SP

For you newer members that have a membership number >2786 (2787 and up), the LONP endorsement checker does not recognize you as a member, therefore you are not receiving any LONP credits.   Here are the steps for you to start accumulating LONP credits:

- Extract from your log ONLY those QSOs with members. Include only one QSO with each member.
- Extract only the fields to show QSO Date, QSO Time, QSO mode, QSO band, Callsign
- Submit a .txt file with this information to n6mg@... who will hand verify your log.

I have attached a sample text file that demonstrates the proper way to submit your LONP data.

Jim K5SP

Jim,  K5SP #483
Executive Director/Member Services Director