LONP Congrats

stan W9SMR

Congrats new LONP 100 Members: 

Darl, NA8W #1797, LONP #456

Erik, K5WW #413, LONP #457

Malcom, KE0JBT #2749, LONP #458

Carl, K0CIE #98, LONP #459

And we have some who have achieved new LONP levels:

John, KC3FL #2566  -  600 LONP

Geary, KE5IRK #2587  -  250 LONP

Mike, KE0GHU #2415  -  200 LONP

on your diligent pursuit of these coveted awards!

We also have an excited pack of
LONP Seekers in hot pursuit of this traditional first rights award. If you see them, give them a call and spot them on PSKReporter and our reflector:

Our Exec Jim, K5SP and right-hand man Milt, N6MG have been hard at work manually digging out LONP progress due to the malfunctioning Endorsement Checker software.

Thank You!!


Since the endorsement checker does not properly recognize and give any LONP credit for member numbers that are greater than 2786, this task must now be completed manually by a volunteer.

This also means that regardless of your 070 # you will not receive credit for member QSOs with 070 # greater than 2786. You must get with Milt and ask for his assistance to get that credit.

If your 070 # is above #2786, you may still apply for LONP by submitting your entire log of member contacts to Milt, N6MG per the DOWNLOAD  Instructions !  

See also PODXS 070 Home Page for an example of upload needed.

Stay active – call CQ !!

W9SMR - 070  #1611
PODXS 070 - PR Director