Logs Due – PSKfest

stan robinson

Logs for the PSKfest are due Sunday, January 12, 2020 


If you haven’t emailed your log yet, please do so. 


If you have emailed your log and didn’t get an email from us with your log results, let us know immediately.


As you are probably aware, you will not be able to upload your PSKfest Contest Logs in the normal manner. You can easily email them instead.

Our Scorer has gone offline and we will not be able to upload until we develop a new system. In the meantime, David, K9DWR, has volunteered to collect your emailed logs and parse them manually to determine our winners.


If you have not yet emailed your log here is your step-by-step:

1) Create your ADIF Log file in the normal way, including only PSKfest Contest QSOs

Save your file using YOUR CALL and PSKFEST in the file name. eg.: W9SMR-PSKFEST

2) Attach this ADIF Log to an email and include in the body your:

-Power Level (high power, medium power, low power or QRP) 
-Any Comments you wish to make.

3) Email this to:  contests@...

Specific/technical questions should be sent to David, K9DWR, at: david@...

Great to see such a wonderful turnout for this very popular annual Contest.  

As Jim, K5SP said: PSK beats FT8 any day!

W9SMR - 070  #1611
PODXS 070 - PR Director