Latest PSK31 Freqs


So coming back to PSK31 after not using the mode for a while. And it seems that some of the "old" freqs have been overtaken by the FT8 horde.
Can anyone tell me what freqs folks are actually  using today for all the bands to get away fm FT8 ?

73 Paul w2eck

Rick - N7WE

Here's the list I use:

160m    1.807 - 1.809

80m      3.580 - 3.582

40m      7.070 - 7.072

30m      10.140 - 10.142

40m      14.070 - 14.072

17m      18.097 - 18.099

15m      21.070 - 21.072

12m      24.920 - 24.922

10m      28.120 - 28.122

6m        50.290 - 50.292
Hope that helps.

Rick - N7WE
070 - #1602


Rick - yes very much - thanks
73 Paul w2eck


To see the list of frequencies in Fldigi left click on the Book Icon.  Scroll thru the list and double click on the frequency or hit the left green arrow you want and if you have Cat Control your rig will go to that frequency.  The Trash can icon will clear the list.  If you want to delete a frequency, highlight it and hit the blue minus.  Make sure you are on the frequency you want to add and hit the blue plus.  I have changed mine because the PSK frequency for 17 mtrs changed.  Click on the attachment to expand it.



Joh - thank you, very helpful advice. Made the change in Fddigi

73 Paul w2eck

Bob Motyl KK6KMU


I didn't know that.  Been using FLDIGI for 4 years and still learning new features.  I recently started using FLRIG for rig control and really like it.  I almost never have to touch the rig any more.  What isn't controlled by default is controlled by making custom commands. I even use them both when I'm using voice.

Thanks for the tip,

Ken Campbell <n6pcd1@...>


You guys were reading my tiny mind! I’ve been wondering if the frequency ranges had modified since the advent of FT-8.

Now I know! Thanks much for the update.
All the best,
Ken N6PCD/0
070 #801
LONP #187