I've been Dazed . . .

GA - Bob - K4VBM

Well, the weekend was a lot of fun during the Daze!

I chased and caught some chips, got a few new PODXS member numbers,
completed my 17/17m, and only need 3 more for 12m and 10 more for 30m.

Thanks to everyone that was on the WARC bands this weekend.
The bands were fickle, the conditions were mostly horrible, with some bright spots shining through!

And I snagged Steve, VA3FLF, just after the Daze ended on 30m, but he ended up being my 5/16/2022 365 QSO which leaves me  with 14 days left!
Thanks Steve (and I called CQ about 10 minutes on 12m after, but I didn't see you).

Thanks again all you PODXSers - you're the best!  Stay safe and well!


Bob Hensey
K4VBM (Very Bad Memory)