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  Hi all..just  to let all of the 070'ers know that I have made it home Sunday night, Sept. 16th, after being one of the thousands of stranded travelers across the United States.  A three day drive (2,100 miles) from Phoenis, Az.,with my wife, was as experience that we will never forget.  Three days on the road compared to 5 hours in the air was not my way of getting home.  The people all across the country that we met at resturants, gas staions, hotels and the like were in the same situation we were in.  Everyone trying to get home from somewhere else. 
  The patroitism and love for our country was evident from the largest city to the smallest town across all the states we drove through.  Every radio station we listened to had a location for blood donations and were planning fund drives for the disaster in New York City.  Flags flew from every building in citys, large and small, and from homes as well.  GOD BLESS AMERICA was on marquees on theaters and store fronts.
  The small inconvenience that we and all travlers had to bear was nothing to the grief and suffering that was taking place from the loss of loved ones in this country and all around the world. 
   Let's all hope that this terrible attack on U.S. soil does not bring this country down to the level of our agressors.  The perpetraters, not the innocents should be punished.
  I now have to apologize to all (and especially N3DQU) for using this reflector for this kind of thing, but what started out as a Hi I"m Back, turned out to be a little longer and more detailed account of the last three days for me and my wife.  Thanks all for just reading this and if there are any hard feelings I will understand.
Tom Stoops


Welcome back Tom

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