Field Day 2022

GA - Bob - K4VBM

Was the largest effort I have ever put in for Field Day.  For once of late, I had some time to play contest.
I was 1E GA, running on battery in the shack (COVID seems to be making a resurgence - 2 people close to me went into the hospital with serious COVID very recently).

Here is the QSO breakdown:
36 PSK31 QSOs (done for 070 club 2022 Field Day endorsement, had a QSO with my 24 x 7 friend, Alan, KA5VZG, who recognized me for my recent PODXS 070 366 endorsement completion)
117 FT4 QSOs (what a fast way to make contest QSOs, but almost too fast for my brain to react to some of the auto-sequence quirks in WSJT-X)
29 FT8 QSOs (started out here - less frantic)
39 PH QSOs (some people were chatty, which was nice!)
90 CW QSOs (what insanity!)
Tried to focus on CW and Digital which counted 2 points each.

Only sections I missed were AK, WMA, VI, WPA, SV, SF, and ME (so I worked 48 of the 50 states including HI!)
Only Canadian sections I missed were AB, BC, NT, ONS, PE, and SK.

The bands were kind of noisy, and some QSB at times.  At night, could hear those static crashes on 80m.

Worked some people I know, and lots of new calls.  Hope my FT4 Worked All States got some new ones!
Great fun!  Hope you had fun, too!


K4VBM (Very Bad Memory)