Endorsement Submitting

Jim K5SP

We are all aware that the endorsement checker is no longer functioning as intended, and that we do not have access to the source code to debug/repair the issue.

I am asking that you please keep track of the endorsements that you have "clicked" the box to submit for approval.  Only click the box once, regardless of how many times it shows up.   Everything you click that check box, a new message is generated to the Awards director.  Each message is researched and if approved is added to the list of endorsements for the next mailing.

This task, once performed by the checker now requires manual checking. By clicking or submitting for approval awards that are duplicated, requires a tremendous amount of extra work, requiring duplicated research.

Secondly, by keeping track of your submissions, when stickers are mailed, and you do not get what you are expecting, you can email awards, or me, and your missing award will be researched. 

Thanks to all,

Jim K5SP

Jim,  K5SP #483
Executive Director/Member Services Director