Endorsement Daze #6 – 1 Week Away

stan W9SMR

Endorsement Daze #6 – CHIMP CHASE and WARC-CRAWL 

Starting: 00:00 UTC on Saturday, May 14

Ending:  23:59 UTC on Sunday, May 15


This is our 6th Endorsement Daze EventIT IS NOT A CONTESTYou may operate the entire period, or any convenient periods of your choice

This event will include the CHIMP CHASE, to encourage informal portable and mobile operations. and the WARC-CRAWL to encourage operation on the underused WARC bands.


This is a good start on WARC EndorsementsTri-WARC, 12/12M, 17/17M, 30/30M.



Recommended Call: 'CQ CQ DAZE de (your Call) k'

BANDS: Any and all including WARC 12M, 17M and 30M

EXCHANGE: State/Province/DXCC Entity and 070 Number, plus all the Ragchewing you want. 

To qualify for the CHIMP CHASE, simply complete 5 QSOs from a portable or mobile site away from your home radio shack. You may use power from the commercial grid, but you must use a temporary/portable or mobile antenna and station outside the home shack. Backyard ops, park picnic benches and mobile ops are encouraged for this category.


If your portable/mobile operation is at an official POTA or SOTA or a much-needed Gridthat would be Fantastic


Let us know the details using the Reflector.

Following successful completion of your CHIMP operation, post your story on the Reflector or send an Email to PR@...
describing your successful operation by:  2359 UTC Sunday May 22

Following successful completion of your CHIMP operation, post your story on the Reflector or PR@... describing your successful operation by: 
2359 UTC Sunday May 22


To qualify for the WARC-CRAWL, simply complete one (1) QSO on each of the 3 WARC bands. Then send an email to PR@... and upload your log.


The added benefit is progress (crawling) toward the existing WARC Endorsements. Earn the Tri-WARC (3 QSOs on each WARC band) and you are on your way to the WARC Endorsements (12/12M, 17/17M, 30/30M).


For all Official 070 Endorsement credit, upload your complete log to the  Online Endorsement Checker.


For credit for Daze #6, contact PR@... no later than:


2359 UTC Sunday May 22


Our Endorsement Daze #6 event is planned for 48 hours in hopes of finding everyone’s available operating times. As always, these events offer a wonderful opportunity to earn LONP and other Endorsement credits. Work everyone - both members and non-members and sing the praises of 070 Club to all.


The personalized Atta-Boys will be emailed to each recipient in PDF format for printing at any size you desire.




W9SMR - 070  #1611

PODXS 070 - PR Director