Endorsement Daze #6 – Atta-Boy Congrats

stan W9SMR

Endorsement Daze #6 – Atta-Boy Congrats

 Endorsement Daze #6 was conducted on May 14 and 15 and it appeared to be very popular. Much excitement arose during the pursuit of WARC QSO’s. Propagation was at times erratic, but it came through in the end.

 This event included the CHIMP CHASE, requiring completion of 5 QSOs from a portable or mobile site away from your home radio shack and the WARC-CRAWL requiring completion of one (1) QSO on each of the 3 WARC bands,


Personalized Atta-Boys have been sent to the qualified participants listed below.


Congrats to N7WE, NY7H and WA5AMM who qualified for both Atta-Boys.



For all Official 070 Endorsement credit, upload your complete log to the  Online Endorsement Checker.


If you believe you qualified for an Endorsement Daze #6 Atta-boy and are not listed above, please let me know.




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