Endorsement Checker

Jim K5SP

As most of you have probably noticed, the endorsement checker is not working as it used to.  As expected due to Google Deprecating API's, some of our software has been adversely affected.

As it is now, it appears that the checker is accepting your logs, processing them, and giving you the report as normal.  It is when you check to receive the endorsement that the failures begin.  The software is now only placing one item in the queue for approval, and the individuals that approve cannot approve them. 

Loren (IOTA) and Jerry (Endorsements) are manually tracking approvals.  As they approve them, you will no longer see the item change from orange to reflect the approval.  For the approvers, it appears as if they will have to examine each of your submissions to see new awards, then manually approve.  It is a time consuming effort, and they are doing all they can to ensure that each of you receives the endorsements you have earned. Should it reach the point to where the software no longer works for endorsement entirely, we may ask you to hold off log submissions until the replacement software is in place.

K9DWR is working on the software, but when you look at all the endorsements that we have, and realize that he has to program to check every log submitted for every possible endorsement, and then test that software thoroughly prior to making it available it becomes a daunting task (and, remember that he does have to maintain his job status, family obligations, etc) and time to work on this task is limited.

On the plus side, we do have in place a new membership application that is working fine, except for checking the logs for 50 unique QSO's, which I have been doing by hand.  We are working on the log checking issue, but I will not let that hold up processing for new members.

Thanks to all for their understanding, thanks to K9DWR, W3WZR, N9AVY, N7WE, and W9SMR for all their hard work on the many aspects of keeping the worlds best PSK31 club in operation.

We are still looking for volunteers that can write scripts/programs that work with Google Sheets.  David is currently writing in Python, but, PHP skills could also be utilized.  Anyone that can work with API.s would also be a help.


Jim K5SP

Jim,  K5SP #483
Executive Director/Member Services Director