Continuous tones on 40 meters?

Mike W4BZM

Has anyone else experienced continuous, unmodulated tones at night on 40 meters?  I always get lines on the waterfall at 7071.28 and 7071.64, no modulation, unkeyed, just a true CW transmission with pretty decent SNR -- as if someone is keying  a transmitter continuously.  

Does anyone else experience this, or do I need to start hunting spurs in my receiver?

Mike W4BZM

DAVE KB3RAN 1692/381

I'm seeing continuous tones at 7076.8, 7150.0, 7190.0 and 7188.8.  U thought it was of local origin.  I'm near a NavAir base. I see it all the time not just at night.
Dave H KB3RAN 1692/381