Contest software

John AG4CZ <ag4cz@...>

I heard a very good rumor that there is now a logging program which
supports 4 PSK contests! I have been testing for several weeks now
for the author (Dave W3KM) and the majority of bugs seem to be worked
out of it at this point.
Here is a link to the software:

You will need to download and install from the GEN_ZIP.EXE file
first. Then download and extract GENLOGZ.EXE to the same directory as
the install. This will give you the latest version with the PSK
enhancements. The software is pretty user friendly, but I do suggest
reading the help file before using. It will make the experience much
more pleasureable. One key difference from most contest software --
you must use the [enter] key to go field to field. If you do not, you
will have mult problems. I will be glad to help with any operating
questions (I've gotten quite familiar with it over the past weeks);
however enhancement and bug reports would need to be addressed to
Best of all this is freeware, although I am sure Dave would
appreciate at least a 'thanks' if you like the software.
Enjoy and 73
John AG4CZ