Chimp Chase Report

Cliff Clark

For the chimp chase, on Saturday, I set up my portable/mobile station at Swallows State Park POTA K-2143.  Good thing I operated from the car, because it was a bit rainy.

I got 7 PSK31 QSOs on 17M
I got 2 PSK31 QSOs on 30M
And 3 on PSK31 20M.

I tried calling quite a bit on 12M, but was unable to hear anything, so no WARC Crawl, unfortunately.

The good news is that I successfully activated the park using PSK31, which is cool.  I did make 1 CW park 2 park contact, but other than that, it was all PSK31.

I forgot to charge my laptop before I left, so I started with about 30% battery, and my charger decided not to work.  Fortunately, it started working (still not sure why) and it charged up.

Thanks everyone for the QSOs.

Attached are some pictures.  That's the snake river (the Idaho border) right next to the park.

Cliff AG7CC 070-2893