Chat room thoughts

Jerry N9AVY

Why should we set up a chat room when there are more important things to do like getting the club software back up and running. A chat room now is just a distraction like "Hey a shiny new toy !". It should be added after everything is back up and running.

Using a chat room to make more endorsements is a good idea, but with the current system of putting endorsements on a spread sheet, additional endorsements en masse is probably not something I would like to see at this time. The current list is over 200 endorsements and it takes time each day to glean through all them; plus with a list that large there is a possibility I could miss someone's endorsement. The automated list is easier to work with and nothing gets missed.

I'm all for the Chat Rom , BUT after we're back up and running 100% !

73, Jerry N9AVY

Endorsement Director