Back, sort of


Hello everyone.  I am back on solid ground, for a week at least.  Thanks to
everyone I worked /MM and from ZD8 land.  I'd like to especially thank Erika
(DL2AYL) and Nando (PU5OPR).  Thanks Nando for the wonderful dinner and tour
in Paranagua, Brazil, and thanks to Erika for keeping tabs on me and relaying
email to Nando that helped make our meeting possible.

I have updated my accounts for both my /mm activity and my log from
Ascension.  Paper cards will be sent out once I have them printed and return
from my next voyage in mid September.  Sorry for the delay, but work calls.

I will be sailing again Monday 7/30 for Ascension so look for me /mm until
about 8/20 when I will reactivate ZD8JA for a few days and then back to /mm
until mid September.

See you on the Air! 73

Jeremy N1ZZZ/ZD8JA