Award Checker Log Correction


FYI to award checker maintenance / operations man:

I was updating my logs tonight to load to the Award Checker and found that I had made an error the last upload. Somewhere along the line, and I think it was when I got a new rig computer, my /VE3 files were moved over to my KM4FLF log. So I thought I was uploading all my PSK contacts under both calls and a /VE3 but I missed quite a few.(HRD).

Anyway, long story short, uploaded correctly tonight. I am much closer to 366 than I thought. Unfortunately they are spread out and if I hit them all it will be September next year. 


Rick - N7WE

That's great Steve.  Glad you got it sorted.  It looks like you can add 13 more before the end of the year.  And next September will roll around before you know it.  Do you have a certain time you try to get on every day?  I'll watch for you on air and hopefully help you fill some of those days!  Good luck and good prop!
Rick - N7WE
070 - #1602