APE Plans

DAVE KB3RAN 1692/381

I'll be operating on 20 and 40 meters mostly,  from grid square FM09sp  Green Ridge State Forest in western Maryland (Alleghany County) from Aug 3 to 7th.  (This is a date change from my previous announcement.)  I'll be camped out so ops will be often and when propagation and weather allows. I'll be solar powered and using expedient wire antennas mostly.  Will try out my 20 and 10 meter hamsticks some also.  My elevation will be +/- 1000 ft asl.  I'm hoping to get a higher elevation site but won't know that until I get there.  

Please send my your plans for your APE soon so I can get them posted on the PODSX070 webpage for all to see.  I'll be looking for APE stations to work.  I like APE to APE contacts.
Dave H KB3RAN 1692/381
PODSX070 APE Event Manager