AOL is back?


     Well, received some mail from the reflector on AOL.
Sure is nice to see you all again.

I think the best part of the WARC band problem is everyone is talking and
sending e-mail. So there is some good of all of this.

Hope it is not to hot over there at N3DQU's QTH but think this has been good
and whether or not we use the WARC bands we did do good bring it up.

I like the idea of the endorsements for the WARC bands and will be looking
for DL2AYL on there. Maybe we could use the WARC bands for an informal 070 Net
just set a time to check there to see if anyone is there.

I was OK with using the WARC bands for our little contest but if we are going
to do something else to use them GREAT lets do something.

I will be looking for everyone on the TDW event and hope to be on as much as
I can.
Have a new antenna on the way here Hy-gain tri bander 10-15-20 ordered it
just for the contest (well I did need a real antenna) so I can finish my
quest to work all the 070 members.

See you all on PSK
Steve N6YIH/7

PS W3HF, Steve there goes our max totals we are up to 85 members so guess we
need to refigure the max scores. HI HI