2022 RC3 – Triple Play Low Band Sprint

stan W9SMR

The intense competition for Top Dawg in the 2022 Rollo Cup Contest Championship (RC3) has continued.

 has held tight to 1st Place by repeating his resounding Top Dog performance in the Hudak 80M, Great Pumpkin 160M and Triple Play Sprints. Buz is on a roll!

Eric, K9VIC
 has maintained a firm grip on 2nd place. Note that Eric is one of the few QRP Contest participants. Great job, Eric.

Lee. N5SLY 
has again climbed to 3rd Place as John, KC3FL has slipped back to 4th  Place.

Steve, W3HF has climbed to 5th Place as Bob, KF3AA has slipped to 6th place.

The table below shows the Top Ten finishers following the 9 PODXS 070 Contests so far.

Congrats to all our Contest warriors!


All results and your standing will be posted soon on the  
Leader Board RC3-2022

The Top Dawg in the Rollo Cup Contest Championship will receive a special certificate, a Rollo Dog Tag, and an Engraved Silver Revere Cup Trophy.

The RC3 for 2022 is not over yet. We have 1 PODXS-070 Contest on the calendar to be fought out. Let the battle continue!

Time to start thinking about your participation in the next PODXS 070 Event. Check your long-wire or make a plan for a temporary stealth antenna if your HOA seems to be dead set against any wires outside. This is a great opportunity to put some 160m Q’s in the log for the Top Band Endorsement.


DOUBLEHEADER – Triple Play Low Band Sprint

This is a Three Day Contest, 72 hours, 3 Sprints

Second Saturday in December

Saturday, December 10 - 0000 UTC

to the Following Monday in December

Monday, December 12 - 2359 UTC


 See Rules at:  RULES - Doubleheader Triple Play


 We hope you enjoy this “Race for the Rollo Cup!”


W9SMR - 070  #1611
PODXS 070 - PR Director