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This year there were 27 logs submitted – down from last year’s 43 logs. There were 7 High Power, 11 Medium Power, 7 Low Power and 2 QRP logs submitted.

1st in High Power
was Lee, N5SLY, of Sherman, TX with 68 QSOs and 2,548 points. Lee was in 4th place in the RC3 Championship race. Congrats to Lee on getting that 160 M antenna up.

High Power
- Second Place was Bob, KF3AA of Huntingtown, MD, with 2,225 points. Bob was in 5th place in the RC3. Third place was Rex, WB8TDG of Yellow Springs, OH with 1,560 points.

Top Dawg
and Medium Power - First place was Buz, WA5AMM of Easley, SC with the highest score of 2,912 points. He had an astounding 11 QSO’s on 160 M. Buz currently ranks 1st in the RC3 Championship race.

Medium Power – Second Place
was grabbed by Jeff, W3WMU from his new QTH in Madison, AL with 1,680 points. Third Place went to Stan, W9SMR of Sarasota, FL with 1,656 points.

Low Power – First
Place again went to Steve, W3HF, Collegeville, PA, with 2,232 points. Steve finished with the 3rd highest score overall. He was in 6th place in the RC3 Championship race.

Low Power
- Second Place went to Alan, N8FL  of Glenwood, WV with 1,752 points. Third Place went to Rick, WA8UMT of Novi, MI with 954 points.

QRP Power – First Place
again went to Eric, K9VIC of Plainfield, IL with 1,827 points. This is an exceptional QRP performance given his ten 160M QSOs. He was in 2nd place in the RC3.

QRP Power 2nd
place went to Johnathan, KI4WVW of Collegedale, TN with 80 points.  

Below find the results in each power category:


We again are deeply indebted to David, K9DWR, who established the upload link and parsed the contest results. Thank You, David!

Our “All Amateurs Welcome” policy continues to enhance our overall experience. We had 1 non-member submit a log. In Medium Power,
Mike, K1LHO of Meriden, CT got 99 points. We hope to see a membership application from Mike.

Note that the Top Dawg Certificate and Rollo Dog Tag will be reserved exclusively for members.

Thanks to all who submitted logs. Stickers will be in the next mailing. 

It is not too early to start thinking about your participation in the next PODXS 070 Event.


DOUBLEHEADER – Triple Play Low Band Sprint

This is a Three Day Contest, 72 hours, 3 Sprints

Second Saturday in December

Saturday, December 10 - 0000 UTC

to the Following Monday in December

Monday, December 12 - 2359 UTC


 See Rules at:  Triple Play - Doubleheader



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PODXS 070 - PR Director