W4ELP - Add on program for HRD Enhancements

Buz Johnson

Guys and gals who use HRD, I’ve found a very useful add on program that works with HRD.   It is completely separate and changes nothing in HRD’s program, but makes it much more PSK user friendly.  It has a whole host if HOTKEYS to activate macros with one key stroke and 2 finger key strokes to activate other useful operations.  I started conversing with Ed Proctor, W4ELP about his program a month or so ago and asked could we have a lookup feature for PODXS070 members like QRZ?  Well, that started his genius brain to thinking and I’ve been testing a beta version for this and it’s working very well.  In fact he released it to the public today.  Not only is it working for PODXS070, but he has included SKCC, FIST and one other group.  So when you right click on a call, it immediately puts it in the ALE, fills in all the QRZ information, checks the HRD logbook for past QSOs and shows the number and last QSO, if he or she is  PODXS070 member that will post in the comment window.  Also previous comments from the last QSO.  There are way too many things it adds to HRD than I could explain here, but it works with most all versions of HRD and corrects the right click problems with the latest version of HRD. 

The W4ELP program  can be found on W4ELP io.groups
de, WA5AMM, Buz