Fw: What Fields Are Needed for TDW Contest Submittal?

stan W9SMR

I am re-posting this note from our Scoring Guru, David, K9DWR concerning possible errors during TDW Uploads.

He previously posted it on the 070 Club Contests Reflector.


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* Buz Johnson <wa5amm.sc.usa@...> [2022-06-06 21:59]:
I just tried uploading mine twice, but said there was an error. I did create the TDW log twice, same size.
Hi Buz (and others),

You are getting bit by something I'm seeing in a lot of entries this year:
people using Ø instead of 0, especially in callsigns. While these look
similar, they are definitely not the same character (and Hex D8 is not a
number). While it's fun to use it for Ø7Ø or as a callsign (eg, NØNM), it's
not a valid character; especially in a callsign.

Calls where I am seeing this happen so far:

and a couple comment fields where it's being used for 070.

Please refrain from using this non-numeric character for a zero; it breaks
callsign checks for valid callsigns, which is causing errors.

If you replace this with a normal zero (0) in your logs, things should work a
lot better.

David, K9DWR
#1604 LONP #255