Endorsement Daze #6 – Reports Due Sunday, May 22

stan W9SMR

Endorsement Daze #6 – Reports Due Sunday, May 22

 This was our 6th Endorsement Daze Event. IT WAS NOT A CONTEST.

This event included the CHIMP CHASE, to encourage informal portable and mobile operations. and the WARC-CRAWL to encourage operation on the underused WARC bands.

Endorsement Daze #6 appeared to be very popular, and much excitement arose during the pursuit of WARC QSO’s. Propagation at times erratic, came through in the end.


So far, I have received qualifying reports as follows:



If you  have not done so already, post your story on the Reflector or send an email to PR@... describing your successful operation by:  2359 UTC Sunday May 22


If you qualified for the WARC-CRAWL, completing one (1) QSO on each of the 3 WARC bands, send an email to PR@... and upload your log for Endorsement credit.


For all Official 070 Endorsement credit, upload your complete log to the  Online Endorsement Checker.


For credit for Daze #6, contact PR@... no later than:


2359 UTC Sunday May 22


The personalized Atta-Boys will be emailed to each recipient in PDF format for printing at any size you desire.




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