Recovered “Work The World Awards“ page

stan W9SMR

The challenging task of reestablishing the “Work The World Awards“ page has been met. Thanks to our Exec, Jim, K5SP for the many hours of work it required.

The “Work The World” (WTW) Endorsement is our most challenging Award. It requires 2,246 specific callsign suffixes to spell out all South American countries, all Australian states (and two territories), all Oceania countries, all Canadian provinces, all North American countries, all European countries, all  Asian countries, all fifty of the United States, and all African countries.


To determine your progress toward WTW, log on to the Membership Endorsements / Online Endorsement Checker page and click on “070-WTW” in the “Award Progress” bar. There you will see all the letters needed to complete your next country and those countries you have completed.


To ensure proper credit select the ones you would like to submit for approval. Note that the clickable buttons to apply for the WTW awards are only found on the WTW page. Those submitted will turn Orange in the NEEDED table. Do not resubmit if you have already done so.


For the complete Club-wide results click on the newly recovered “WTW Award Recipients” or “Standings” page. You will see that only 38 of our 2,919 members have completed this award.


Your results may show partial category achievement due to the submit button not being clicked on WTW page of the endorsement checker; failure of endorsement software due to loss of Google API, or the unlikely event a mistake was made entering the data. Submit any corrections needed to awards@... for review and correction.


Good luck on your progress toward this mighty challenge.



W9SMR - 070  #1611

PODXS 070 - PR Director