Congratulations to LONP new members!


I want to also offer my CONGRATULATIONS! to all 12 of our new Members of LONP from 2021 and to 
welcome those new to 2022! 
We're 13 days into the new year, and we've got 3 new LONP'r's already!
The chase has begun and it's going to be great year for LONP!
Sitting down in front of your radio, bringing up your software program and clicking on traces...both weak and strong...
takes on a whole new meaning all full of ambitions and goals to pursue.
You YL's and OM's are doing great!
I also want to remind all members that they can get credit for working 070 Club members with membership numbers
higher than "070-2787" by sending those contacts directly to me, per the instructions on our website's Home Page at:
Good luck to all!
070-650, LONP #76
Director, LONP

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Congrats to Mark, K2EXE of Skaneateles, NY, our latest dedicated achiever of the coveted LONP 100 level. He joins this group achieving LONP in 2022:
LONP   070#    CALL             NAME
#460   2601  WB4OSU       Sherri
#461   2844  AB8YZ            JoAnn           
#462   2516  
K2EXE             Mark        
In 2021 we had 12 members earn the coveted LONP 100 level.

Congrats to all on taking the challenge and whipping it!

Get on the air and make those calls then be sure to upload your log regularly!!

IMPORTANT NOTE: If your member # is 2787 or greater to get ANY LONP credits you must follow the instructions found on the PODXS 070 Home Page.

W9SMR - 070  #1611
PODXS 070 - PR Director