Congrats to Bob, KK6KMU

Jerry N9AVY

A very noteworthy achievement making the grade on 24/7 endorsement.   Congrats !!!
Sorry couldn't be around to help.

Jerry N9AVY

Rick - N7WE

Allow me to add my congratulations on your outstanding achievement.  24/7 is a difficult and challenging endorsement.  168 time slots to fill!  Late, late nights...early (and very dark) mornings...and you did it all! 

I was also impressed with the way you used this group to make your plans/needs known and your creating a chat group to coordinate with those who joined in to help you along.  It was a fine example of using the resources that are available to tap the spirit of cooperation and help within 070.  I hope others will use your example and publicize their ongoing efforts here on the group!  We all get by with a little help from our friends!

Again, congrats!  Superior work!

Rick - N7WE
070 - #1602

Bob Motyl KK6KMU

Thank you all for the congrats.  And Rick you are correct this is a great group of helpful and resourceful people.  I started this journey last year about the same time of year with Dave KB3RAN, Bob K4VBM,  Alan KA5VZG, Stan W9SMR, and Don KC4OBB to name a few.  I just ran out of steam and couldn't finish.  Rick N7WE and Alan KA5VZG helped me finish the challenge this time.  And Stan you a correct Ill have to wait for the next leap year for the 366 endorsement.  By the way the chat came in handy again.

Have a great weekend,

Alan - KA5VZG

I just got back from IL. 
I sure hated to miss that last big one for you Bob, but was really glad to see that Rick N7WE covered for me AGAIN. 

Since I'm one of those, been there/done that's, I know what a relief it is to get that last one checked off.  Like you all have mentioned, it takes a bit of help to complete any of these long winded awards.
I think Bob KK6KMU set up this chat to begin with, and it is a real convenience.  Getting a few helpers really makes it work.  So anyone else thinking about 24/7, advertise and get some buddies. 
Those dark early ones will show you why misery likes company.

Of course Stan W9SMR is always in there, reminding, encouraging, supporting.  Then when you finally finish, he is the first one in line to provide you with a new challenge :-)

Congratulations, CA-Bob, well deserved. 
73, Alan, KA5VZG