HRD Enhancements

Buz Johnson

Hey Guys,

I just thought I report on a project I've been working on.  Most of my operational errors happen when I use the mouse to click on a micro tab and hit the wrong one.  Well, that's a bummer but it happens way too often and I guess my mousing skills are declining with age.  So being an engineer and like to do repetitive things quickly and accurately I started to investigate.  I used Hot Keys to help me do CAD design better and faster, so I thought I wonder if I could do the same in HRD?  Well, yes HRD does have some Hot Keys although they are not programmable.  SEND and STOP are assigned to F4 & F5 respectively and by arranging the order of your micro tabs, you can have two-finger Hot Keys of CTL +( 0-9).  I mainly use two micro sets, one for normal PSK QSO's and the other for PSK Contest.  So the next challenge would be to arrange the micro tabs in each set to match the other in function so you wouldn't have to relearn every time you switched.  Well, this is where it gets hard.  
I'm not a big fan of two-finger Hot Keys, but I have used them in the past and they are okay.  If only HRD would allow the user to program his own Hot Keys?  I did suggest that to Mike Carper of HRD but haven't heard back from him.  But then inspiration hit me like a brick.  I have a fancy Microsoft Keyboard with 9 programmable keys in three sets that I can use.  Walla!!  My problem was solved.  Now all I needed to do was move my most used micro tabs from 1 to 10 and the fancy keyboard can do the rest after I program it.  Now I have 11 one keystroke function buttons that I can use per micro-set and I can report it works great.  Now I won't guarantee this old geezer won't make mistakes in the future, but it has really improved operation smoothness.  I used my Brother Label maker to print out the key function and pasted it to the keyboard so I wouldn't have to memorize it. My memory is not what it used to be.
My keyboard is not offered anymore but there are several Gaming Keyboards and Pads on the market that have programmable keys for under $100.

Hope this helps someone.

de, WA5AMM, Buz