070 and LONP numbers

Stephen Melachrinos

Just for everyone's benefit and use...

Unlike some other clubs, the 070 club does not require that either member numbers or LONP numbers be exchanged over the air for any awards or other purpose. That means you are free to look them up on the web site, either to add to your log entry for a QSO, or for determining how to submit for your own awards, or for other purposes (like targeting members you haven't worked).

The web page that lists all 070 club members is at


Note that each member has a single line, but that membership may include multiple callsigns, due either to callsign changes or portable operations. Note also there is at least one case where a single callsign appears against two members (at different times) due to callsign changes. Lines with a black background are Silent Key(board)s.

Members of LONP (including their numbers) are at 


This page also includes the LONP Honor Roll (with at least 500 member contacts).