WARC-CRAWL Winners - Corrected

stan W9SMR

WARC-CRAWL Winners - Corrected

I am not surprised I missed a couple obvious WARC-CRAWL Atta-Boy Winners. Sorry to mess up again.

Our KC9UR APE log messed up KC3FL’s QSO on 17M, giving him a win. And Alan, KA5VZG connected with KN4ZXG late Sunday for the missing 12M QSO.

The summary table of WARC-CRAWL winners has been corrected in RED below.

According to my updated info, we had 5 members qualify:

Call                 #          With;

KC9UR          3          N7WE, N5SLY, KC3FL
N7WE            2          KC9UR, KC3FL
KC3FL           2          N7WE, KC9UR
N5SLY           1          KC9UR
KA5VZG        1          KC9UR, KC3FL, KN4VZG

Special commendation to N7WE and KC9UR who completed a 5 band blitz in 15 minutes, working 30M, 17M, 12M, 15M, and 10M in that order.

The Endorsement Daze #5 Event included a new Atta-Boy, WARC-CRAWL.

 To qualify, one must make one QSO on each of the WARC bands (30M, 17M, 12M) during the Event period August 21-22.

Congratulations and thanks to each of you on your persistence and for participating to make PSK31 the go-to mode it has been in the past.

Your Atta-Boys will arrive shortly via email PDF.

If I have missed your qualifying efforts for WARC-CRAWL, please let me know right away.

W9SMR - 070  #1611
PODXS 070 - PR Director