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2863 Ron KC3RHQ  08-17-21

Jim K5SP

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Ron (RHQ)

Thanks Jim.
I am an old - new ham. I was a novice on CW until 1966 then I took a 55 year break and got my license and back on air in April 2021. I am most interested in QRP so digital modes seemed like a good place to start so I worked FT8 and FT4 for about 500 QSO's in 31 countries but FT8 and FT4 is not as much fun or as much a challenge as PSK31. I am glad that I found my way to PSK31 and I plan on being active on this mode until I am a SK.

See you on the waterfall.
Ron 2863

Rick - N7WE

Welcome aboard Ron!  I too tried FT8/4 and soon found it was not for me.  I've been using PSK31 since 2005 and it is just about all I do anymore.  I hope you find 070 Club as fun and exciting as I have.  Seems like there is always something going on with the club.  

This weekend looks to be a very active.  There are 4 or 5 APE (August PSK Expeditions) that plan to be on air.  Many of them are also activating a POTA.  It is also the 5th Endorsement Daze this weekend, with both a Chimp Chase for /P stations and a new one - the WARC-CRAWL.  You can find info on all of these at the 070 website or by searching in this group for the postings.  Again, Welcome!....and I hope to work you this weekend.

Rick - N7WE
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DAVE KB3RAN 1692/381

Add International Lighthouse Weekend this weekend also to the list of activities. 

Dave KB3RAN 

Dave H KB3RAN 1692/381