Endorsement Daze #5 – August 21 – 22

stan W9SMR

Endorsement Daze #5 – CHIMP CHASE and WARC-CRAWL

Starting: 00:00 UTC on Saturday, August 21

Ending:  23:59 UTC on Sunday, August 22


 This is our 5th Endorsement Daze EventIT IS NOT A CONTEST.


This activity is intended to promote more on-air time among members and provide targeted opportunities to achieve specific PODXS Endorsements.


For the second time we will include the CHIMP CHASE, designed to encourage informal outdoor portable operation. Grab an Atta-Boy by going portable during Daze #5. Five members earned this during Daze #4; K7PAX, KB3RAN, KM4LDW, KO4EJD and N7WE.


And new for a challenge will be an Atta-Boy for WARC-CRAWL. Just make one QSO on each of our WARC Bands 30M/17M/12M and receive the new Atta-Boy. Be one of the first to earn this.


First Objective:  CHIMP CHASE


We have had a very successful APE (August PSK-31 Expedition) program for years. We encourage you to explore this great experience.

See:  APE Requirements


KC9UR, KB3RAN, and KC0JQO are planning APE activations that weekend. KC9UR will activate POTA K-4182 during his 9th consecutive year APE. KB3RAN will participate in the International Lighthouse/Lightship Weekend  (ILLW) from West Quoddy Head Lighthouse State Park, ME.  KC0JQO will operate from Dames Ferry Campground, Lake Juliette, POTA K-7858. What fun that will be!!


We now expand the challenge to encourage informal Portable Operation on your own schedule by now chasing the CHIMP (A Portable setup of your choice)


Think of Chimp Chase as APE Boot-Camp!!

A Chimp qualified portable expedition site must be away from your home radio shack. You may use home power but you need to set up a temporary/portable antenna and station away from the home shack. Backyard ops and park picnic benches are encouraged for this category.


If this operation is at an official POTA or SOTA so much the better! Let us know the details using the Reflector.


To be a valid CHIMP CHASE, the operation must take place during the Daze #5 event and make at least 5 two-way PSK31 contacts.

Note that no prior approval is required to enjoy a sunny afternoon on your patio!


Following successful completion of your CHIMP operation, post your story on the Reflector or just send me an email advising me of your successful operation and a “CHIMP CHASE Atta-Boy” will be emailed to you.


Second Objective: WARC-CRAWL


This seems to be a good time to focus our attention on the improving Cycle 25 propagation. Time to explore a new band and its good and bad attributes, even if we have to CRAWL!!


Just make one QSO on each of our WARC bands, 30M, 17M and 12M.


The added benefit is progress (crawling) toward the existing WARC Endorsements (12/12M, 17/17M, 30/30M and Tri-WARC). The Tri-WARC requires making 3 QSOs on each of the WARC bands.


Following successful completion of your WARC-CRAWL Challenge, post your story on the Reflector or just send me an email advising me of your successful operation and a “WARC-CRAWL Atta-Boy” will be emailed to you.


Endorsement Daze #5


Starting: 00:00 UTC on Saturday, August 21

Ending:  23:59 UTC on Sunday, August 22


Our Endorsement Daze #5 event is planned for 48 hours in hopes of finding everyone’s available operating times. As always, these events offer a wonderful opportunity to earn LONP and other Endorsement credits.


There is nothing critical about your operating times. Get on when you can and the conditions are favorable and enjoy the event. Post your intentions on the Reflector.


 Join the fun and enjoy…Call: CQ CQ 070 Daze de (Ur Call)


If you will be operating portable, include CHIMP (or Portable) in your CQ.


For other Endorsement credit, upload your complete log promptly to the Online Endorsement Checker :  070 Award Checker


The Atta-Boys for Chimp Chase and WARC-CRAWL will be via direct contact with me or through your shared Reflector stories.
No upload required for my approval of these Atta-Boys.


 As you see activity on the waterfall, be sure to “SPOT” those calls and your own to PSKReporter and on the ReflectorBe sure to Spot any CHIMPS you see and especially any signals seen on the WARC bands.


We encourage you to work nonmembers too. Just show them how much fun the PODXS 070 Club can be and welcome them to join us.


After you enjoy the Daze #5, please send me your comments and suggestions to improve this Event. If these events are being enjoyed, I hope to repeat Endorsement Daze Events.



W9SMR - 070  #1611

PODXS 070 - PR Director


My Email:  robinstan (at) hotmail (dot) com